Just Look at da BONES... Jewelry from KSK Jewelry Designs

If you can name that movie quote, you can get like 100 bonus points* Anyway, KSK Jewelry Designs has a whole section in their shop devoted to curiosities and that is what I want to show you guys today. Bone jewelry is always super cool in my book!

*bonus points count towards nothing, just noting your coolness


  1. Aw, it's my husband's birthday and I get a present! I'm honored to be featured on Celebrate Odd Etsy - thanks for spreading the odd love my way! :)

  2. So beautiful!
    KSK not only has odd items, although ALL her items are unique. She has so many beautiful fine jewelry items.
    I know these are made with lots of hard work and plently of love.
    No matter how beautiful her work it could never match how beautiful her heart is :)
    I am so happy i met her through etsy!
    I know featuring her shop means a lot to her.
    We have teamed up to offer 20 % of all sales to haiti related causes. Please vist her shop to find out more!

  3. The line is from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Oh yes. I'm awesome.

  4. Yes, IckyDogCreations... and you are awesome!!


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