About Me!

I created Celebrate the Odd in an attempt to foster a positive environment in some corner of the web for items that the mainstream may find too strange, offensive, quirky or out there. There are plenty of sites to bash and bring artists down, but here at CtO we build artists up! I have always loved odd stuff, all the way back from when I first started to have my own opinion about things. Girls are supposed to like pink? Bah! Red was my first favorite color (still is, that and black!). Worms, frogs, bats, snakes, anatomy stuff... lots of these things I have loved but many others find them gross. Well, lets celebrate the different, gooky, ooky, spooky and fun!

I want to thank everyone who comes around to my corner the net. I hope you find something that you love, find interesting or something that just gets you thinking. To everyone who has supported, fanned, followed, twittered etc  Thank you so much! I can believe how much this site has grown and it is all because of you! Don't forget... spread the odd love when ever you can!

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