Wednesday, March 22, 2017

El Branso's Leathery Goodness

I know, I have been on a skull kick lately. Can you really blame me with so many artists drawn to them? El Branso is an artist who works with leather and is right at home here! There are a lot of fantasy work in his Etsy Shop, but more can be seen on Instagram and Facebook. Well, I don't have Instagram... but I will take his word for it. Items with skulls and to cover your skull! Enjoy!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Adorable Carved Skull Jewelry by Arlo Edge Walker

I have to admit, I have a problem. I love skulls. Like anything skull related. Seriously. Just look at my Pinterest... I have a whole board just dedicated to "Anatomy".... which is really just an excuse to post 90% skull stuff. Most of my home decor I buy at Halloween because of my obsession. I am okay with that, because with so many wonderful skull related things in the world, I can get a skull fix about any time I want! That is what lead me to Arlo Edge Walker's etsy shop and these ADORABLE carved skulls. Couldn't you just squee?! The cherry skulls are a nice touch. So delicate. So dainty!

Friday, February 17, 2017

Bombastic Bath Bombs and Stuff by BerwynBettysBathShop

Bathbombs are all over but don't forget about the wonderful and whimsical handmade ones! Today I bring you Berwyn Betty's Bath Shop. You can't throw a stone in this shop without finding something geeky to make your skin feel and smell wonderful! You even get a little prize inside. The only down side I can see, you can only use the bombs etc once... but at least they are a reasonable price so that you can try a bunch out!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Fill Your Horror Fix with Villa Obscura

For some people, it is Halloween every day. People like me... and the artist that fill this shop to the brim with horror and cult classic home decor pieces! If your chest is filled with a little black heart, Villa Obscura will make it beat a little bit faster. I really think their collection of clocks is amazing, but don't stop yourself there! You could plaster your walls and fill your halls with so may fun trinkets! I had a hard time choosing just these few to feature.