Wooden Wonders by Tomsky

After a bit of a hiatus, I wanted to post something pretty spectacular. I give you Tomsky Store. You can connect with this wood wizard on facebook, twitter and their website too. The use of the different colors of wood and cut out style really give these pieces a wonderfully graphic feeling, like they jumped out of an illustration. I also love that there is a wide range of subject matter and size to choose from. And also, they are all absolutely beautiful to behold. I focused on the more goth and anatomical pieces (because... well, duh, I am drawn to those), but there are plenty of others to tickle anyone's fancy!

Patterns from Snarky Art Company

Stitching Fun with Horror Stitch

Unique Boutique Place: A Little Bit of Everything

Bwana Devil Art: Pop Culture at its Finest

Lachelly Belly and the Three R's

Creepy Bags and Stuff Made by Pippenwycks

MP Gautheron is Super Trippy!

Atomic Bubonic's Perfect Patches

Look Like a Star in Lady Stardust Costumes