Friday, May 26, 2017

Look Like a Star in Lady Stardust Costumes

Ever need a special outfit for a night at the club? Or are you part of a burlesque show or acrobat artist? Or just want something fun to vacuum the house in? If you find sparkles, scales and spandex are you thing, then browse around in Lady Stardust Costumes! Many of these outfits remind me of fun music videos. If only I looked as good as these models!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Katie Kutthroat's Bitch'n Cross Stitching

I has been a while since we have seen some cussing around this joint, but it is a mother-flunking Friday and we need to let our hair down and have some fun. People without a crass and wicked sense of humor need not read on! Katie Kutthroat is the place if you are looking for a house warming gift that will make your friends blush. Make a stuffy baby shower fun, or at least have people give you sideways looks. There are both finished pieces and patterns, so if you want to stab something hundreds of times that isn't just a country roster, take a closer look at Katie's shop! I have included some more of her vanilla offerings as well, but if you want more c***s, c***s, b*****s and f***s just click on over.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Crockery from Crooked Curiosities

We are going to an old stand by for me... anatomic stuff. I have a soft spot for pottery. Pottery and ceramics is an art form I have a great appreciation for, but something I am not any good at myself. My grandmother used to let me do those re-made ones when I was little and I have many fond memories of slathering her beautiful glazes all over the place and making a complete mess of what ever she was trying to get me to create. And throwing pottery... no way. I took one sculpture class in high school and HATED it. But I digress. Crooked Curiosities creates wonderful pieces with an odd bent to beautify your shelves and dining rooms. I don't have any cups with anatomical hearts on them. I might just have to change that!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Dembai and the Puking Fairy

I ran across this painting in a fiber art group I am in (don't judge, it is a freaking awesome group). Dembai related a story about having an art professor who did not like that she was a "commercial" artist... and these are the works Dembai made to give her the big old middle finger. I know my readers would appreciate such efforts, so I present to you Dembai and the Puking Fairy (plus a few friends). Enjoy! Oh, and if you dig around her deviantart page, there are some kick arse dragons too.