Button Contest Part 2: Submit Your Own Designs!

Would you like to see something you designed become a COE button? Well, here is your chance! I am looking for anyone who can wield a mouse or draw to submit their ideas for some great COE buttons. You have a whole month to come up with an idea, create it and submit it. Please read ALL of the rules etc. Any submission that do not follow the rules will be disqualified. Maybe you will think of some witty saying, or some odd character... an fairy oddmother? Odd loving zombie? Who knows? The sky is the limit! Remember that it should promote COE in some way.


1. First off, only use designs and ideas that are your own or that you have the rights to use. Do not poach other people's images or ideas, that is not what COE is about.
2. Keep it family friendly. No curse words or naked bits etc. please.
3. Tiff files only. It will be converted later, but other formats degrade your image. They also must be 300 dpi.
4. I suggest doing the design about 3x3 inches, but it will be shrunk down later. Keep that in mind! Small or intricate designs may not look the same shrunk down.

Once you have your design/s, you can send them to oddetsy@gmail.com You can submit as many as you like. The last day to submit designs is Feb 28th at 12pm EST. If you send me spam or viruses, I will send my minions after you.

After all of the designs are in, me and my secret panel of 'judges' (my hubby and my cats) will pick the best of the bunch. These awesome designs will then be put back up on COE and voted on. The winner of that poll will have their design added to the button collect... and receive a full set of buttons free!

LEGAL: I am no lawyer, but again use only designs you are legally able to use. Stealing another artists ideas is so not cool. All designs submitted for this contest will become property of COE and the designer, upon submitting the design, releases all rights to the design (unless some other agreement is reached by COE and the artist). The rules and conditions of this contest may change without warning (because something always seems to happen and I have to either add/change rules or clarify things).

Now get creating!!!


  1. Oh what a great idea for a contest!!! I am going to get going on it - thank you for sharing and Happy New Year!


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