Simple Surfer's Psychedelic Plushies

Arent these a cast a colorful characters?! Simple Surfer has an eye for extreme color with these little plushies. I can just imagine how nice one of these would look in someone's cubical to brighten up their spirits on a long day of 9-5 drudgery. They are so tiny... bet you didnt guess they are key chains!


  1. I got something like this in the Utah airport and I think it was called Lil Monsters or something. My friends fell in love with it and I'm trying to find where I can buy some for them as gifts (online or locally in AZ). The link to this etsy site is dead. Any idea on how else I can get ahold of these keychains?

    1. Sorry, but it seems the seller is no longer selling on etsy. I did a quick search around google with the shop name, and nothing is coming up. I wish you the best in finding a replacement! If you search around a crafting site like etsy, artfire or zibbet, you can most likely find a seller who makes things similar and ask them to do a custom plushie for you. Have a good day!


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