Celebrate the Odd's Submission for the Jar'o'crap Challenge: Arts and Crafts Week at Pantie Camp

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Arts and Crafts Week at Pantie Camp:
The Fight of Femininity in the Post Modern, Pre-zombie Apocalypse Capitalist Society
This truly one of a kind assemblage sculpture is a true representation of what every woman feels in the world today. If you feel, you should own this work of art!

Made from the corporate machines thoughts on how proper women should clean themselves during their glorious menstrual moments, the womanly leavings are actually carefully and painstakingly recreated with watercolors. The jar rails against conformity, as it is a recycled glass fruit jar. No trendy Mason jars for this rule breaker who was dishonorably discharged from the Uterine Navy!

If you are not currently playing banjo in Sargent Zygote's ragtime band, like if you are a guy, this could represent some monstrous nose bleed where you could only find pads to stop the bleeding... or something. Hey, I put 'zombie' in the title... you men-folk should love that.

None of this is vintage, but you can pretend if you like. I wont tell anyone.

Notes: This is a joke gift. I am not responsibility if you misuse this product. If you throw them at a bride, I am not responsible if you get punched or de-friended from facebook. If you are offended, um, good? Faux barn wood is not for sale.

Materials: glass jar, paint, pads, glass, humor

Tags: crapinajar, humor, gag gift, weddings, decor, blood, menstruation, hipster, rebellion, uterine navy, Sargent Zygote

If you really want to support the arts and buy this one of a kind work, check out my STORE!

PS. Yes, that is 'cat hair'. I dont actually own cats, but my camera automagically put them in since that is what makes a photo awesome. It is not for sale, and neither are my cats.


  1. BWAHAHAhahahaha!

    Did you know about this (http://365jars.com/jar-gallery/) when you started? Real Jars! Real Art! Not just crafts.


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