Molda's Beautiful Crocheting

Crocheting sometimes get a bad rap when it comes to full size garments. In a lot of applications, knitting just looks neater... I know because I do both (I am a freak of nature). Molda will have you changing your tune about crochet, cause these pieces are works of art. Beauty in yarn form!


  1. These are awesome! I agree it's difficult to do fashion crochet. It does take talent.

  2. I came about to this post by chance. I´m so glad that finally someone gives credit! I am Mariana Rodriguez Segat (MOLDA`s owner and designer). Thanks for such nice words and mention the author. I love what I do and it takes work. I ususally find my work published in pages in all over the world with people saying that they created them... that annoys me so much.
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    Best regards.


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