Creepy Dolls by... Creepy Dolls!

Did any of you believe when you were little that your dolls and toys would come alive when you weren't looking? I bet you didn't envision these dolls in your magical fun world! Doll art has a huge following with brands like Blythe and the like, and Etsy has tons wonderful and creative doll artists. Creepy Dolls has a style all their own, one which I personally just love to death! Her whole shop is filled to the brim with gory and macabre dolls just aching to find a lovingly creepy home. Creepy also carries buttons and prints of her dolls. I asked Creepy a little about herself, and this is what she had to tell the world...

My name is Christie and I am a full time horror artist and single mom living Southern California. I adore all things vintage and I go to Disneyland at least once a month, sometimes once a week. I love tattoos, both on myself and others, and have a strange fascination with Nuns. My boyfriend is an artist too- Chuck Hodi- so when we hang out, it almost always has something to do with art, whether it is the conversation, an art show, or taking our stuff to galleries. We have fun!

How did I find Etsy?
Well..... I started selling in the Fall of 2006 under the name Bastet2329. I tried selling my dolls but there was no place for art dolls at the time so I joined in the fight to get a Doll Category made. It was a very frustrating time for me, and others, and in the end, I closed my account. Sometime after that, a doll category was made so I rejoined Etsy with my Creepydolls account. Even though I look new to Etsy, I am NOT! I have been around for awhile and have some knowledge under my belt :)

My style:
Personally, I am just me! Blood and Bubblegum. I am almost always wearing a black dress. I am a plus size gal so finding cute clothes can be hard but I LOVE vintage clothes and when I can get my paws on something in my size, I am sooooo happy! I always wear my vintage cat eye glasses and I have a bunch of tattoos. People think I am weird or different but once they get to know me, they see past my looks and accept me for the person I am :)

Artistically- I make scary dolls so I have to balance it out with fun paintings and collages. Can't be darkness always!

Creating dolls- I began making dolls in 2002 with my former husband- we needed money to fund our honeymoon to New Orleans. It just took off from there and eventually I went solo :)

What draws me to the macabre and inspires me?
I LOVE horror movies and I love dolls. It is such a wonderful thing to be a 30 year old who plays with dolls. Never in a million years would I have guessed that this would be my career but it has given me such great opportunities! I am inspired by sad things, death, dolls, horror, suffering, and pain. Those are all things we feel everyday and I express those through my art.

Favorite item:

I do not own a single doll that I have made. I have had many favorites over the years but after making hundreds of dolls a few do stand out.


My dolls sell well around Halloween and at Christmas. Those are my busiest times of the year.

Best reaction:

I make a lot of nun dolls and almost always, I get crazy religious emails. Those are great, I never respond to them because people who write you a novel about how you are going to Hell really are not interested in what you have to say!


You can also find Creepy on Facebook and Myspace. She also has her own website.