Naughty Naughty Soaps by The Infamous Soapy Ho

One of the more beloved and controversial sellers on Etsy is the feisty Soapy Ho. Her name tells all... she makes adult themed novelty soaps. You have been warned! Enough of me yapping... on to the wonderful Soapy Ho!

I live in Nevada with my husband, son and a lot of hairy creatures that amaze me at times.

How did you find Etsy? How long have you been selling on Etsy?
I don't remember how I found Etsy. But I do remember the hell I went through by not reading their rules quick enough. I've been kicked off a total of 4 times I believe. Three times because I wasn't reading rules fast enough, and once it was their mistake. I have their apology saved in my email.

How did you start soap making?
I started making soap eight years ago. I was looking online trying to find a gentle soap for my newborn grand daughter who was allergic to store bought soap. Yes,SoapyHo is a GRANDMOTHER! A cougar grandmother if you've seen my husband/avatar. In searching for something gentle, I discovered a site where people made their own soaps. I met some people on that board and they mentored me, they still do. I was hooked. Obsessed, really. To the point of two years later my husband had to build me my own workshop. Now I have two grandchildren. The younger one has never had store bought soap on his skin. The older one never did again after I started making soap. They've never broken out from grandmas soap and they now help me make their own personal soaps. And no...they have no idea I am SoapyHo or that I make adult novelty soap. My grandchildren have their own Etsy store as well. SuperCraftyKids.

How would you describe your style?
My style..I am a jeans, tee shirt and pony tail person. I love colorful jewelry but never wear it. I have clothes from the 70's I bought back then still with tags and shoes to match, and I'm pretty much a pack rat.

What is your favorite item you have created? Your favorite scent?
As for my favorite item...that's a *cough* hard one! I love each one that I make. The adult soaps make me laugh as I can get very creative with them. I also make regular soaps, body butter, sugar scrubs, lip balm & gloss, the works. I don't have a favorite scent because I am a FoHo. (fragrance ho). I buy new scents weekly so every week I fall in love with yet another. Imagine that...a ho being fickle! Right now I have over 200 scents. I love mixing and creating unique scents.

What is your best selling soap?
Right now on etsy my best selling soap is the Corn Poo Soap. These are hilarious to me and I have created my own mold that works very well. I get many convos on etsy every month from people telling me exactly how they feel about my soaps. Let's just say that these convos inspire me to be even more creative. In fact, this week I will be unveiling my new line of soaps. As for sales, my etsy account in two years shows not too many. I actually sell most of my soaps on my SoapyHo website. A lot of people would rather not have everybody know what they were buying from my etsy shop. It's a whole privacy thing that I really wish etsy would fix.

Tell us a little bit about your new line?
The STD Line. Complete with a free condom with every soap to promote safe sex! Of course the condom they'll be receiving is an XL Magnum by Trojan. Not some *cheapened* truck stop vending machine condom that would most likely rip. (You know I had to go there at least once). :) My first listing of these new STD soaps will be a triple snatch pack, featuring the Menagerie a Twat.

What is the best reaction you have gotten from one of your pieces?
One of the funniest reactions so far that I got to witness in person...
This summer I was invited to do a local arts and craft show. The theme was "Children In The Park" and I had a blast making children's soaps. For a small town, it has a pretty big turn out each year with their fun themes. I set up my canopy on this beautiful day and started unloading the boxes of soaps. A couple of the ladies that put this show together saw me unloading boxes from my vehicle. They offered to help and couldn't wait to unpack as they could smell the soaps. I've done this show year after year so they pretty much knew how I set up. I grabbed a couple of more boxes and started walking towards my canopy. There were now quite a few more people standing there chatting. I walked up smiling with these 2 boxes in my arms and asked the ladies, "So what do you think of the children soaps?"
One lady says, "I think you brought the wrong boxes to our church bazaar." She was holding up an 8 inch penis it's rope. I don't honestly know whose reaction was funnier. Mine or theirs..but the Priest walked away cracking up laughing.

I bet you are full of funny great stories about you soap! Want to share any?
Funny story for ya...I was out in my workshop making a few hundred penis soaps for this big event I was in. My husband built this workshop and under the top shelf he added hundreds of hooks for me to hang stuff up to dry. Well I was piercing dried penis soaps. I had about 100 of them hanging on these hooks.
I had on a hair cap, this almost rubber like suit, goggles and long pink rubber gloves up past my elbows.
You know how sometimes you don't see anybody but you feel like someone is watching you?
I felt that all of a sudden. I live out in the middle of nowhere, no neighbors and I was the only one there. I looked up and there was this man standing there. He was looking at me with this scared look.
I stopped piercing the penis soap I had hanging and asked him if I could help him.
He was speechless for a few seconds. I asked again, "Can I help you?"
He was stuttering when he asked me if I was Miss So & So and he was here to fix something to do with her electricity. I told him I wasn't her, that I also don't know who she is.
He started to walk backwards slowly. Very slowly. My German shepherd came up behind him and he fell over him. There was a lot of commotion for a few seconds there. This poor guy was so scared by now I couldn't stop laughing. I reached over and tried to help him up. But he jumped to his feet and kept apologizing. I TRIED to tell him it was soap that was hanging...but I'm not sure he heard me. I was expecting the cops any minute, but they never came. I never saw him again and wished I would have had the time to ask him what he was so afraid of.


Well, there you have it. I dont think I could top all that. It would be anti-climatic... get it? Climatic.. climax... I'm here all week folks!