Sheila's from Lafarrelly's Shop

I don't normally do this, but I am going to steal a bit of the description of these items from the listing in Lafarrelly's shop. While I have seen these images before, I bet many of you out there have not.
"Sheila-na-gigs are female figures found carved over doorways (and other places) in and around medieval Irish churches and some other places in Europe. Although no one knows exactly what they are or why they were put there, they are clearly a holdover from pre-Christian times. Theories as to their meaning and origins abound. I tend to see them as transformational figures, marking the entrances to sacred space. Whether physical or symbolic, these are places where we can be transformed and gain insight into areas within ourselves and the larger world that have remained hidden or unclear. Sometimes I see her as beckoning me back to the unformed void, being un-birthed back into my original state. Whatever their original purpose, sheila-na-gigs are powerful images with which to explore what it means to be female."
So there you go. A little bit of history with your dose of odd today!