Interview with Nifty Knits

There is a seller on etsy who is famous for knitting up all kinds of meerkat creations. Her name is Nifty Knits and I thought the rest of you out there might want to know more about this crafty person.

My name’s Heather, I live in Kent (UK) with my husband. We have three children – all grown and flown so our time is our own. When I’m not knitting we walk for miles in the countryside around our home.

How did you find Etsy? How long have you been selling on Etsy?

I opened my Etsy shop in April 2008 after selling on ebay for a while. Handmade (in my experience) isn’t really valued on ebay, so it was fantastic to find a home on Etsy.

How would you describe your style? Has any other artists etc influenced your style?
My style? Since coming to Etsy I’ve knitted all sorts of things – flowers, morris dancers, jewellery – but I’ve found my niche with meerkats! They’ve become more and more individual with Star Trek meerkats, SuperKats, and most recently two of them have gone off on a World Tour, visiting my colleagues from ETTEAM.
They even have their own facebook page, and have more fans than I do myself!

How long have you been creating?
I first learnt to knit as a child, but only took it up again about 5 years ago, as a way to relax.

Have you had any mentors, or are you self taught?
My grandmother first taught me to knit, but it’s only since I came to Etsy that I discovered the ability to create my own patterns. I have no mentors in creating, but my friends from Etteam have been invaluable in helping me to improve my photography and market my work.

Do you sell more at one time of year than others?
Sales are getting better and better!

Why meerkats? What meerkat do you sell the most off?
Why Meerkats – well, why not! The Nativity set has sold most, and I have to acknowledge that is due to being featured on regretsy.

What is one thing about your creative process that you think most people don’t know?
I hate sewing up – and that is one reason why I knit in the round!

What kind of custom work do you do most often?

Many of my meerkat designs have been theresult of someone (often on twitter!) saying “How about a ****** meerkat?”

What has been your favorite custom order?
I made a girlfriend for a meerkat who was lonely!

Do you have a favorite item you have made?
I like the teensy tiny baby meerkat in the Nativity set, and Locutus of Borg – because it seemed quite absurd to knit a Borg, let alone a meerkat Borg!

What is the best reaction you have gotten from one of your pieces?
I love reading my feedback, and was hard-pressed to choose just one “Oh my gosh, I didn't even buy these for me and I LOVE THEM! I giggled with glee opening each one - one better than the last! “