Subconscious Infestation Story by Paul and Kate Studio

This entry has a little story behind it, as well as some great odd stuff. I was perusing the ETC forums and came across this story from Paul and Kate Studio. You can be the judge on where their inspiration comes from.

"I’ve been making these pod/barnacle things for the past couple of months and didn’t know why. I don’t have any special fondness for barnacles or anything. Today I looked up in my closet and the ceiling was COVERED in these gross nasty weird wormy linty things hanging down. says they are the Larvae of the Case-Bearing Clothes Moth. I say my muse?"
"I dont have pictures, but here is a friend of theirs.

now imaging about 100 of them hanging from the ceiling but in orange, black, blue, and red linty cocoons (I have colorful sweaters...)"

Here is the link to the forum thread.