Wally Ware Pottery's....well... Pottery!

Here is a shop that will have you scratching your odd noodle. Wally Ware Pottery has a bunch of strange themes on their wares... like the declaration that mars needs more guacamole. The funny thing is... I can't really argue! Oh, and if you look around, you can see Wally in many of the pieces learning about the world around him.


  1. I love his (her's?) pottery! I have been coveting some for a long time-here's something odd f for you-your Twitter box bleeds out into your blog, making it impossible to read some of your stuff...

  2. Really? I have never noticed that. It is the twitter widget from twitter for blogger... so I am not sure why it would be acting that way. If I may ask, what browser are you using?

  3. I have been trying to figure out what might be the issue and I have something for you to try. Someone else said this can happen if the window you are browsing in isnt open all the way or partially minimized. They said they fixed it by opening the browser window completely (using the button next to the X one). Have you tried that?


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