Baby Arm Necklaces from No Ordinary Beastie (oh, and a cat too)

Dismembered doll parts seems to be a staple in two places... horror movies and cool etsy shops (well a few anyway)! No Ordinary Beastie has some doll arm necklaces to grace your neck. I included the cat sculpture because... well, I love cats. Not too odd, but I thought some cute might help round out the odd. They complement each other, dont you know?


  1. No Ordinary Beastie is amazing! Thanks for turning me on to it!

  2. I agree, what beautiful work! She is so talented, and her cats are beautiful! I like the arm too, there is always some fascination that comes with doll parts, symbolic really that we are all just bits and pieces waiting to fall apart... and childhood innocence is not so innocent ;)


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