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If you are ever in the ETC forums over on etsy... you might run across Grumpy Hater. Say 'hi' if you do! Put it in quotes too, because I am sure everyone 'loves' unnecessary 'quotes'. Anyway, Grumpy has a great collection of handmade plushies to bring a smile to your face. Who couldnt love a zombie cupcake?


  1. very cool I love the one in the middle. This person has a real unique view of monsters I love it.

  2. Not only are these beyond 'cute' she makes some kickass soap, too!

  3. grumpyhaters.comMarch 2, 2010 at 7:02 AM

    Hey, thanks for featuring me!

    I used to use bold a lot, but bold was way to self important so it didn't work out. The I tried CAPS but he always sounded angry. Although I think, deep down, he just had unresolved issues with his Mother.

    So now I have the ' and they live in an old panty liner box on my desk. Sometimes they get stuck in my hair so I keep it in a ponytail while I'm working.

    It seems to be working out, but last night they ate my brownie and not was so not cool.

    They were all like, "No we didn't eat your brownie.." and I'm like, "The box if full of freakin crumbs!"

    And they were like "Whatever" and I was like "Fine."



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