Buckles and Stuff from Lonesome Road Studios

Giving a shout out to all my Team Bacon! peeps with this feature! Lonesome Road Studio just happens to be a member of our tasty group, but on top of all that she is a great imaginative artist with a lot of cool and odd stuff in her shop. If I wore belts more often, I would dream of getting myself a great belt buckle from Lonesome.


  1. Yay for Team Bacon! These buckles are awesome!

  2. I love her buckles, they're fantastic! :)

  3. Thanks! I was considering doing the classic salisbury steak & a brownie TV dinner, but it was a little too monochromatic, LOL!
    Maybe the fish sticks and mac n' cheese!
    Thanks for the feature!!
    Angie @ Lonesome Road Studio


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