Fake Food Decor

I have to admit, this shop transports be back in time. Imagine a much younger lover of odd things being dragged around furniture stores by her parents. Well, while I hated boring furniture shopping... I did love all the funny fake props the furniture stores in our area always laid out on tables, cupboards and shelves to enhance the shopping experience. I would always to look and play with them (not break them!). The fake grapes were my favorite, second by the glasses filled with fake pop or wine. Oh, how I wanted my own!  Fake Food Decor makes these kinds of props... but I would wager they are much better quality than the ones I remember from my childhood.


  1. I used to consult for Pillsbury and occasionally visited an office in Minneapolis where they performed food testing - things like stirring creamed corn to see if the consistency held up and all of that. All over the place were fake foods. Foods that they used for various trade show displays and other things. They looked so real it made you hungry to see them. These brought back that same feeling as soon as I saw them. great job and fun shop!

  2. Holy frak that's amazing! Especially love the drippy tea bag.


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