No-piecing Lady Bit Jewelry by Amber Rain Designs

I LOVE piercings...I have over 10 myself. For those of you who love the look of piercings but not getting pierced, I suggest you check out Amber Rain Designs. This shop is full of gorgeous jewelry for all of your lady bits... no piercing required! I love the way the jewelry is displayed too... very inventive!


  1. wow! you learn something new everyday - and here's to not having your lady parts poked with sharp objects!

  2. Interesting, but I cant' figure out exactly how any of these are supposed to stay on. I'd love to see these modeled on a silicone piercing display like in piercing shops.

  3. They work like a charm! There's no rough *or sharp* edges or anything, it just slides on and feels and looks wonderful... imgine a clothes pin without the pinching Lol! and definitly less clumsy ;) Keep it up Amber Rain Designs!


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