Please Help Support Mature Sellers

There has been some changes in Etsy... possibly foreshadowing changes to come for the whole site. These changes have not been announced on the Front Page, emailed etc, ... they were just announced in the Forums where the vast majority of buyers and sellers do not go. They involve a change in the way etsy handles exposure for Mature sellers. If you would like to read what they have unveiled, please check out this forum post.

I, and many other people, find the placement of controversial artists that already follow the TOS automatically behind a 'black curtain' that most people dont even know exists through an opt-in style filter to be insulting, sneaky, mean and down right over board on the pearl clutching censorship. This filter will only encourage people to break the TOS.

If you agree, please read this petition here and sign it. I support mature sellers and artists. I believe in the validity and shocking nature of controversial art. Mature sellers already have to G-rate their first photo and warn people of their mature content in their listing name, please help us keep them from being shoved back into a corner and covered up.