Whisker Wax by Madame Scodioli

I suppose this is a bit on the practical side for my little old Odd Blog, but it seems that sometimes it can be hard to find stuff for guys on etsy. I also dont know many guys who have enough of a 'stashe to be able to fully utilize the wonders of whisker wax... but you never know who might be reading! Either way, Madame Scodioli 'stashe wax is here to save your facial hair from being normal and to make it smell wonderful. She has got some very distinctive sounding scent combos for perfume, soap etc. mmmm lilac and bergamot....


  1. I used to use mustache wax all the time. But my wife got annoyed because I got in the habit of twirling my stache like Snidely Whiplash ;) Though mine came in a cheap little tube not a cool looking tin like Madame Scodioli's does!


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