Good Bye Alchemy and Get Ready to (Possibly) Welcome Paying for Treasuries

I will try to keep this rant short. Basic upshot... Alchemy/Custom is going the way of the dodo (just like a lot of the forums) and some sleuthing (not by me) found this site: Etsy Tuesdays.
I dont believe for a moment that alchemy will be back. Using such juvenile language is incredibly rude to the thousands of ADULTS who use it everyday. You dont think it is a big deal? Check out the 'comment' thread. Last time it was taken down it was down for a year.

First they came for ETC, but I said nothing because I think ETC is insane
Then they came for Alchemy....

Etsy Tuesdays... dont even get me started on either a two tier treasury format, or just having to pay to get a treasury flat out. Etsy only see $$$, not the vision they once had or the sellers or buyers they are now screwing over.

Like I said before, Etsy is going under the knife... but now we see that she is addicted. What kind of freak show do you think will be left after all the cutting and pasting is done? I sure wont be able to recognize Etsy anymore. I am soooo glad I dont care as much anymore. The Unofficial Etsy Forums have taken the place of the community I once loved. Artfire has a 'Alchemy' like Forge.

I hope you like your new face, Etsy... cause not a lot of other people can stand to look at you right now.