A New Years Resolution from CtO


I have been kicking this around for some time, and I hope this year will let me settle down enough to accomplish something I have been putting on the back burner for a long time. This year, I want to create a logo or mascot that will unify all of the odd stuff I have all over the web. Now... how can I actually do this? I involve my readers because I am a lazy bastard! So here is your chance... please flood my comments for this post with your ideas! Enter as many times as you can muster an odd idea. There are a few things to consider when dreaming up all the odd and crazy stuff. It needs to be PG13. While I love a good dong or lady bits, this is going to be my 'face' as it were, everywhere on the web. It needs to be appropriate for all audiences. Also, while I love art with a ton of details and Easter eggs, but I will need something that can be distilled down to something relatively simple because it will be my avatar and people need to be able to see it. So a (to steal a reference) a bear holding a shark on fire and sparkling while walking on top of the Eiffel Tower is fun... that is a bit much to fit into a 100x100 pixel format.

Now, what is in for you? I am going to pick the best ideas and then create a poll from which everyone can vote. The winner of that poll will get a a pack of CtO pins for their brain juice. You will also have bragging rights, and those are worth their weight in gold on the interwebs. After the icon is pinned down, I will do my best to either bring the design to life or hire someone to do that for me.

So... get to it! What wacky and wonderful things can you dream up? Wont you please help your friendly neighborhood oddie out?


  1. thinking......thinking.....

  2. working on ideas, maybe a green or purple, or green and purple tentacle rising up?

    Cthonic = referring to Cthulhu and the Elder Gods. "Cthonic horror"

  3. Hmm. I've always liked the idea of a normal thing like a slice of bread with an evil smile on it. Or simply a smiley with three eyes or something.

  4. the 'c' in the top on is supposed to be a smile with teeth. It didn't come out so well in the pic.


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