Oddmall: Part 1

Since I am having trouble with the video/interviews (stupid Quicktime not being compatible with Windows Movie Maker... grrr), I am going to have to start my series on Oddmall a little bit differently than I had planned. Today we are going to start by showing you eight wonderfully odd vendors and performers with a few pictures to entice your palette. I am not going to show you all the vendors at Oddmall, but all the ones I liked enough to take photos of.

So first off, let's take a look at the Art of Ed Beard Jr.  He creates tons of dragons and fantasy art. I wasnt allowed to take any images of the artwork though, just the t-shirts and stuff. Check out his site if you want to see more!

As I Breath is next with her cheeky smiling mustaches and dancing bacon. That is right, she has TWO sizes of smiling plush bacon.... AND they are posable! Yeah, you know me... if you are selling bacon in any form I am all over that!

Arent these skull chocolates and frogs adorable!? They were pretty darn tasty and a good size for the price. If you want to see more, seek out Chocolate 76. The cool thing was ones we tried were filled with cookies!

I have a soft spot for pottery, even normal pottery pieces. Clay Creations had some cute and silly monster mugs. If you want to contact her about her work, email learman1@sbcglobal.net to find out more!

Having made and worn lots of different kinds of dreads in the past, it was nice to see CypherLOX at Oddmall. Plus her booth was all blinky and shiny... an easy way to attract me! Now that I think of it, I totally need a killer pair of goggles!

One of the live acts at Oddmall was the lovely and talented Destini Beard. I couldnt help but hum along to 'Sally's Song'!

I am pretty sure I have seen these cards before on etsy, but they are quite amazing up close in real life. I used to embroider, but I cant imagine how much patience it takes to sew on paper like this! Just look at the details! If you want to see more, check out Dominic in Ohio.

This fork doll caught my eye from the shop Dust Collectors... something creepy yet familiar to keep the real spooks away. If you want to contact this arts, email pickles@wcnet.org
There will be more to come, but spread the odd love around if you like anything you see here!


  1. Thanks for the shout out and coverage.

    Ed Beard Jr.

  2. This a great post thanks!

  3. Thanks for including me in your post! I'm Joanna the paper embroiderer from http://DominicinOhio.etsy.com I'll be at Weirdfest on Sat May 26th and CraftyMart on June 2nd. Hope to see you there.


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