Oddmall: Part 3

I am back! (at least for a little while) Let's continue reviewing the Oddmall peeps!

If I had any kind of yard (and didnt live in an apartment) I would have picked up one of these wooden guitar bird houses from Madbrain Creative. I was totally like 'take my money!' when I saw these rad creations! You would have the coolest birds on the block! I would love to see how these weather with time.

Medusa's Adornments and Arcana's jewelry has a very earthy and substantial feel to them. I like all the bug and cephalopod imagery. The colors are lovely too. I just wanted to touch every piece.

The best part of the Mudd Sisters Pottery table were the little ocarinas shaped like heads and other fun things! Bet you never heard a disembodied duck head make such a joyful noise! The sisters at the table were also so very nice to let me rearrange their stuff a little to take my photos.

Northstar Hotglass is another booth that I kept coming back to because I was sooo tempted to get a zombie head. I was kicking myself for eventually letting them get away, but I really have no place right now for one. Dont they look like they are Canadian?

Odd Art has some really cool reconstructed art dolls. They had a lot of hair accessories too.

Paper Planet Wearables had some beautiful pieces of jewelry to choose from, and... even better than that... the beads are all made from junk mail! What a great way to reduce your waste and be fashionable! The coolest thing is that if you go to her website, she does custom work where she takes things like left over wedding invitations etc and turns them into custom beads! I wish I would have know about this place before I threw out my excess invitations!

Lori O'Connor's photography drew me in immediately because of two things: 1. Macro photography and 2. Skeleton toys! Not only where there lot of prints (both framed and unframed) but jewelry, magnets and other fun things all with her work on them. Check out her shop to see some of them in detail, because they really are quite fun!

Lastly today we have Razzigyrl Jewelry. I really liked the wire wrapped pieces she had, really unique! She uses unusual shapes and forms you dont see very often in wrapped style jewelry.

I know I have been a bad Odd and not updated a lot lately. I am sorry about that, but I will try to get back on track.