Oddmall: Part 4

I know... I am a very bad Odd-one.... I will get these done, stupid real life distractions be damned!

Surreal Siren starts off our last list. Fine, fancy and freaky hair thingies for all kinds of hair! They have a website and a facebook page for you to enjoy.

You know what would go perfectly with a new fabulous fascinator? Funderwear! Special underthings can make even the most mundane day fun. Sweet Revenge Lingerie would fit this bill... they even got me in their fancy lingerie!

The next touch for that perfect odd outfit might just be some jewelry and accessories from Sylvan Creations! I even got a little steampunk pin from this seller.... it goes perfectly on my patch and pin jacket! I really liked the vacuum tube jewelry as well.

The Robot Consortium had to be one of the most adorable booths at the whole show. If I had a mantle or some free space on a shelf in the tiny apartment I call home I would have picked up one of these little guys. i mean, how could you turn down a blocky wooden mummy robot or a staked robot vampire? SQUEEE!

The Thirteenth Floor Gallery is an awesome gallery that some day I am going to make the trip to go see. Freaky art for all to enjoy! My dream job would be running such a fun establishment some day.

The Ukrainian Museum is another place on my local list of places to visit. I mean, just look at those eggs! I have never had the chance to see those Ukrainian eggs in real live and they are amazing little works of art. 

Lastly, we come to Visual Grammar 216 and more things for your head! There was a huge range of burlesque style facinators with a whole bunch of really neat themes and stage appeal.

 I apologize for being such a scatter brain this summer. I still have a few more things from Oddmall to tie up (expect some more interview type things).